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Flavouring Technology
Unlike many flavouring companies, SPL specialises only in the development and manufacturing of flavourings for alcoholic beverages for both homebrew and commercial markets and tailor these flavourings to alcohol made using the SPL method. SPL does not manufacture flavourings for the food industry, for bakery, confectionery or dairy products.
“Flavour” is the sensation that results from the combined elements of taste, aroma and mouthfeel. SPL's flavourings are normally a mixture of between 40 and 80 flavouring components from a selection of more than 1,000 different flavouring raw materials, made from natural and nature identical flavourings. The majority of SPL's flavourings are based upon essential oils, natural extracts and distillates with some ingredients isolated from natural products by chemical methods.
In 1995 SPL invested heavily in a European consortium of leading flavourists to embark upon the development of high quality spirit and liqueur flavourings for the SPL process. Two projects ran in a series culminating in 2000 with the launch of the current range of SPL spirit and liqueur flavourings. SPL received an Innovation & Technology Award largely as a result of employing new technology to the analysis of target commercial spirits and liqueurs.

Analysis is a key starting point for the development of a flavour, a detailed understanding of the volatile and non volatile composition is required to develop a close commercial match. SPL employed techniques such as GS-MS (mainly for aroma compounds), HPLC (for non volatile analysis) and GC with a range of detection columns.

Flavouring manufacture is managed at our UK facility using extraction, distillation and fractionation techniques together with the purchase of selected emulsions. Production is managed by a very experienced team of flavourists to stringent conditions supported by in-house analytical chemistry for blend verification on a batch to batch basis.
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