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TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
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22% Turbo Yeast An active dried distiller's yeast with especially high alcohol tolerance blended with complex and chemically defined nutrition and absorbents. This is especially designed for fermentation up to 22% ABV from pure dextrose sugar.
Ethanol TT Yeast A highly temperature tolerant active dried distiller's yeast, especially suited to fermentation at high temperatures.
Temperature Tolerant Batch Turbo Yeast TT Turbo Yeast is an active dried alcohol yeast combined with a complete nutrient complex, designed to ferment in warm conditions, where fermentation is carried out with no cooling or inadequate cooling. A highly temperature tolerant yeast strain, this Turbo Yeast is ideal for fermentation of any fermentable sugar-based feedstock. TT Turbo Yeast can withstand extreme stress factors such as temperature, ethanol, and high osmotic pressure. This ensures reliability of fermentation even under variable process conditions. TT Turbo Yeast can ferment up to 14% ABV at 38C liquid temperature, but also reach up to 18% ABV at cooler temperatures. Wash produced using TT Turbo Yeast would normally be distilled for use as 96% potable ethanol, or spirit alcohol for making alcoholic beverages. For full technical details about this product, download the Technical Information Sheet on the left under the Product Tools menu.
Puraferm LC Yeast
Puraferm Turbo Yeast An active dried yeast strain especially selected for the production of alcobase. This product is blended with complex and chemically defined nutrition and is optimised for fermentation of high purity alcobase from pure fermentable sugar.
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