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Over the past 15 years we have developed a comprehensive wine product range to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Our portfolio provides fermenta...
TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
Chitosan Liquid A high strength, high purity solution of chitosan flake for the clarification of fermentable beverages.
Silica Sol A negatively charged aquaeous solution food grade colloidal silica for the clarification fo fermented beverages.
Granular Sodium Bentonite Fine granular food grade high colloidal bentonite clay for protein stabilisation and clarification in wines, grape must and cider. Can also be used an an absorbent to improve the quality beverage ethanol.
Gelatine Special (Dry) Instantised soluble non gelling porcine gelatine powder for clarification of wines and ciders.
Gelatine Special (Liquid) Liquid solution of non gelling porcine gelatine for clarification of wines and ciders.
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