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TY24 ()
Ultra Fast Ferment
Product Description and Function
An extremely vigorous distiller's yeast and nutrition blend with fermentation activators to ensure a rapid start and trouble free fermentations, achieving 14% ABV in 24 hours.
Technical Characteristics
Alcohol: ≤ 14% ABV
Target SG: 1.088
Ideal Air Temp: 20-30⁰C
Fermentation Time: 1 day*
Sucrose Required: 6kg
Distillate Quality: ***1/2
WEIGHT: 205g
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Instructions on sachet in: English, Polish, Swedish, Russian
Ingredients: Yeast, yeast nutrient, antifoam, vitamins, trace minerals. Nitrogen Flushed to Remove Oxygen & Preserve Viablility.
Dosage and Application
1. Ensure equipment is clean and sterile before use.
2. Prepare your fermenter with 21L of water at 40⁰C
3. Dissolve 6kg of sucrose sugar in your fermenter, stirring thoroughly until consistent mix is achieved.
4. Ensuring sugar solution is at 35⁰C or below, add the contents of this sachet, plus liquid activated carbon for optimum results, and stir well.
5. Ferment at 20-30⁰C (20⁰C optimal) for 24 hours.

*PLEASE NOTE: Timings will vary dependent on temperature control during fermentation.
We will be happy to send you a detailed technical information sheet for this product. Please contact us with your request or for further information.
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