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TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
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SPL explore export opportunities with The British Bid
SPL British Bid

Over the next few months SPL International will be working with The British Bid to grow our export business, primarily focusing on the ‘bulk’ alcohol-making ingredients side of our business.
The British Bid was set up to support the UK Government’s Exporting Is Great program, working with UK SMEs on a year-long campaign to grow business operations overseas. SPL have signed up to the campaign, of which there 3 main components.
The first is a two-day workshop led by an export specialist. SPL sent two representatives to the hands-on Gateway to Export workshop, where they worked through a number of activities, discussions and forums to help identify and prioritise SPL’s preferred export markets. As well as this they gained expert advice on exporting and country specific regulations (such as local laws regarding making alcohol) in preparation for the rest of the campaign. This workshop helped us to identify whether certain markets are suitable for our Turbo Yeast range – a product we are focusing on in particular.
The next step was to produce a documentary film about our business - you can view the finished film on our homepage. This stage promises to drive a global audience of business decision makers to view the documentary. The footage highlights our alcoholic beverage making products, from our bulk alcohol ingredients (including turbo yeast), to the large range of homebrew products we manufacture, as well as the advisory services we can provide to a large audience of potential new customers.
The documentary will be used as a sales tool for the third part of the campaign; our ‘in-market’ overseas concierge. The concierge provides an on-the-ground connection to local markets and key business decision makers in our selected country. Using their knowledge and experience working as part of international trade teams, the concierge will provide country specific business advice, contact with buyers and support during visits to overseas clients. They will also aid us in researching local trends, customs and cultures for subjects such as alcohol consumption and homemade alcohol popularity, within the country.
We’re currently 4 months into the year-long The British Bid campaign and have so far found it to be extremely useful, insightful and thought provoking. We’re really looking forward to the rest of the campaign and seeing how it will help our company grow. Keep updated with our progress by following our updates on LinkedIn or get in touch to find out more about our turbo yeast products, homebrew manufacturing business and export programme.
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