Homebrew Packaging Options

Homebrew Packaging Options

At SPL, we continually research and invest in innovative manufacturing facilities, to enable efficient packing of homebrew products for our customers.

These production lines provide flexibility in the filling of both dry and liquid products in varying weights and forms for the homebrew industry, as described below.

Dry Homebrew Products
Dry Products

Our nine 'dry' packing lines enable the packing of a wide range of product, from powder, granule and grain to irregular forms such as dried fruit and botanicals.

Fill weights for dry products start from as low as 0.5g up to 1kg depending on the packaging format.
Liquid Products

Our liquid fill packaging lines are able to handle water thin liquids, through to highly viscous products at speed, ensuring efficiency and allowing us to provide value for money.

Liquid packaging weights range from 50ml to 5L depending on the packaging format.

Larger format options are available for both dry and liquid products and all packaging formats are available in SPL branding, customer branding or plain stock. Our dedicated secondary packaging area also allows for products to be combined and supplied in retail ready formats.

With such a large range of weights and volumes available and formats including snap-lock tubs, miniature bottles, gusseted sachets and more, we’re confident we have the solution for your homebrew manufacturing requirements.
For more information please see our Homebrew brochure by clicking the image below or get in touch if you have any questions.
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