New Starter - Kelsey Davis, Marketing Executive
Kelsey Davis, Marketing Executive

New Starter - Kelsey Davis, Marketing Executive

Marketing at SPL is a huge part of everyday business. From researching new trends in order to provide up to date products, communicating to our customers, providing top quality branding that sells, and much more that flies under the radar, SPL is always working hard to stay ahead of the game in the alcoholic beverages industry.
Kelsey Davis joined the SPL Marketing Team at the end of October as Marketing Executive. Her previous job was working in the Marketing Team of New Zealand based global supplier - Imake Handcrafted Foods & Beverages for four years. Imake has been customer of SPL for over 20 years, meaning Kelsey already has knowledge of the FMCG and alcoholic beverages industries, and previously had a close relationship with SPL staff and business objectives. This unique relationship means she can dive straight into the marketing activity with prior knowledge of products, product quality and standards, and systems in place with SPL already.
Kelsey has experience with publications, packaging, communications, media, product usability and many other marketing areas which will be valuable to SPL, ensuring our products are communicated and presented to you in the best way possible. Having been a customer of SPL, Kelsey knows what other customers are looking for in communication and product usability from SPL and how to execute that.
She comes after travelling Asia and Europe for the last nine months, so is eager to sink her teeth back into the work that the industry requires and stimulate her brain more than just planning accommodation and transport for the week ahead!
On starting at SPL, she comments “It has been really great walking straight into a company I already have a base understanding of, and then now being able to get an even deeper understanding. Seeing the products being produced from the very beginning, instead of just how they arrive in the customer’s warehouse, has made the whole experience so much richer for me. I feel that I can represent the products even better with that knowledge and have a deeper respect for what SPL does.
Working at SPL has already been very positive, the company culture is so welcoming, fun loving but also strong in its values and standards. I am also enjoying learning about UK life and how things are done a bit differently. I’m learning too, the things Kiwis do that might seem a bit odd to the rest of the world such as ‘burying our food’ - search for ‘Hangi’ (not hongi, that’s different!) if you want to know more about that one!”
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