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Packaging - Doy Pouches
In 2012 we invested GBP500k into our DOY Pouch concentrate filling line, giving us the capabilities to package and supply liquid malt extract and various other soft fruit concentrates in different weights and sizes for use in the production of home beer, cider and wine making.

Our DOY line is housed in a custom built clean room environment with nitrogen gas flush and fed from flash pasteurisation heat treatment where the pouches are cold filled to avoid the 'cooked flavour' problem often associated with home brew kits where cans are hot filled.

Due to our ongoing investment into R&D coupled together with our capabilities of packaging liquid malt extract and other soft fruit concentrate into pouches, SPL are quickly becoming regarded as the most innovative and exciting home brew beer and cider kit manufacturer in the world, leading the way for progressive home brewing! In fact the majority of our DOY line products that we manufacture have already established themselves as market leaders for our customers across the world.

The flexibility that the DOY line delivers means that not only are we able to offer LME products but we can also package and produce other liquid products consisting of apple, pear, grape and other various fruit concentrates used in the manufacture of both home brew cider, fruit cider and wine kits.

As part of SPL's ongoing commitment to quality assurance we are certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).
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