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Unsweetened, distilled, alcoholic beverages that have an alcohol content of at least 30% ABV are called spirits. SPL provide all the ingredients need...
"I Celso Franzetti CEO of A Franzetti AB a company located in Sweden have worked with SPL International for more than 7 ..."
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Liquid Mixing
Our UK production facilities are very sophisticated in the area of mixing and are expertly equipped to handle temperature sensitive and flammable materials through chill jacket and special gas flush control systems.

We have the technological ability to mix simple liquids and solutions through to complex suspension concentrates, stable emulsions and high density suspensions, such as activated carbon pastes through use of liquid paddle mixers. Our high shear dispersion techniques combined with precision liquid metering and proportioning systems ensure exacting recipe formulations to guarantee consistency between batch to batch.

All plant and equipment is constructed from 316 stainless steel and operated within our ISO9000 certified facilities. We operate a full batch traceability procedure and have an in-house analytical chemistry department that provide support for batch to batch verification.
Turbo Yeast
Beverage Ethanol
Alco Base
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages
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