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 SPL’s products have allowed us to produce high quality alcohol in shorter fermentation times, this means we’re getting more yield from our fermenters, saving time and money. (Halewood International, UK)  
 Developing a close and increasingly satisfying customer/supplier relationship with SPL is one of the best decisions I've made for our company's business. With us being a relatively small company I did have concerns about not having the resources to achieve what I wanted alone – with SPL it felt like having a partner in my business to support me with my workload often going above and beyond what I would consider ‘standard’ practice. (Melkko, Finland)  
 SPL is proactive, efficient and a reliable source of supply, a forward thinking company offering first class service to the homebrew industry. (Young's, UK)  
 We were faced with a big problem in 2006 when urea was banned for use in Australasia and one of our main product lines faced serious threat of being discontinued. SPL anticipated this move and developed us a range of ‘like for like’ products, which were urea free, overcoming major technical challenges. (Imake, New Zealand)  
 We have worked closely with SPL for some years now and have been impressed with both their professionalism and technical ability; often steering us smoothly down the correct path for the innovations that we are looking for to make our products relevant for today’s markets. (Muntons, UK)  
 We are really glad and proud of our many years' cooperation with SPL. During this time, the SPL team has shown themselves as professionals whose main task is the welfare of the client and the highest quality of products and services that are being sold. (Igor Lekhnovich - SEO, MirBeer, St.Petersburg, Russia)  
 We launched a UK division a few years ago and were having problems devising a training programme for our new UK based retailers. SPL helped us develop the training programme, provided us with experts to present on the day and even offered us the use of SPL facilities to hold the event! SPL went to great lengths to ensure the day was a success, from helping us design our presentations to delivering product demonstrations in their lab. (Brewcraft, UK) 
 For the past three years SPL has helped us grow our alcoholic drinks range from what was nothing to what is now - an established drinks brand in our market. Nothing is ever too much and it is great to work with a company that really cares about its customers. SPL has far exceeded all of our expectations and we don’t think we could have achieved what we have to day without them! (Island Magic, Seychelles) 
 I Celso Franzetti CEO of A Franzetti AB, a company located in Sweden, have worked with SPL International for more than seven years, during this time we have learned to appreciate the high standard of the products and the very high professional attitude of the personnel of SPL, this based on experience when assistance is really wanted and needed. (A Franzetti AB, Sweden) 
 Integrity, quality and innovation are just three words that spring to mind when asked about SPL, when we pass a project over to them we can almost forget and not worry about it from a development side as we know they always hit the mark. (Rudolf Keller, Italy)  
 Working with SPL has made us realise how poorly some of our other suppliers were treating us! (Ritchie Products, UK)  
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