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Our aim at SPL International is to "Serve you better". Whether you are a well established distributor or a new business starter, we personalise o...
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About Us
After a distinguished career at Brewmaker PLC, including 7 years as production and product development manager, Philip Jones decided to establish SPL International in 1992. He devoted himself to the challenge of building an international company within the homebrew, commercial alcoholic drinks and ethanol industries.
Under Philip’s focus on customers and product development, SPL grew from a standing start to £1 million turnover within 24 months, which created interest from the press with articles in the Financial Times and a number of business awards. This provided the platform for attracting the best employees and embedding in-house production facilities.
SPL prides itself on being able to help our customers make any alcoholic beverage they want either from a commercial or homebrewing perspective. We believe customer and technical support is paramount, and having not lost one customer in over 20 years means that we must be doing something right!
SPL has an inherent focus on cutting edge R&D and a commitment to in-house manufacture. This has fueled extraordinary growth for SPL, establishing them as a respected and market leading manufacturer and supplier of both homebrew and commercial alcoholic drink ingredients.
Our Markets

SPL comprises three business segments, all developed to compliment each other's existence.
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Turbo Yeast
Beverage Ethanol
Alco Base
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages
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